Kancamagus Highway

If you’ve ever traveled to NH or made plans to, more than likely you’ve heard the famous name “Kancamagus Highway.” This scenic bypass is pretty much world famous, drawing people in from all over the country and beyond! Though route 112 itself runs for over 56 miles, the eastern portion of the highway “The Kanc” (scenic byway) spans about 35 miles long, passing through the White Mountains from Lincoln to Conway. Just driving along, you will notice so much to do and see. There are swimming areas, places to pull off and park, hiking trails leading to beautiful waterfalls and scenic views, camping areas, and much more! Just as you pull onto the Kancamagus from Conway, you’ll come across the Ranger Station. You can stop in there to get all the run downs on The Kanc, or please refer to the links provided on this page to find info on exactly what you’re looking for.

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