Covered Bridges


Though there are tons of fun, interactive activities to enjoy while visiting New Hampshire, some enjoy just simply basking in all the glorious views this beautiful state has to offer. While taking your scenic drive, you are likely to stumble upon some very historic and renowned places: Covered bridges. They are scattered about the state, almost like a scavenger’s hunt, placed variously for you to find. Some to this day are even still operational, and you’ll have to drive across them to get to where you’re going. Others are simply just for admiring now a days, but none the less special! Better bring the camera for these! Listed below are some of our favorite, local covered bridges. You can also find a link for a complete list of all the covered bridges throughout NH.

Saco River Covered Bridge

Albany Covered Bridge

Swift River Covered Bridge

Flume Covered Bridge

Honeymoon Covered Bridge

Bartlett Covered Bridge

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